About Us

From its origins in foundational technology discovered at Duke University, Upstream Biotechnology has built established a new platform for the development of leading seed products, based on a proprietary strategy for deployment of value-added traits.

Our Mission

With the world population set to top 10 billion by 2050, agriculture faces the need to ratchet its outputs ever higher. In recent years, pandemics, wars, and extreme weather events have added new risks to supply chains that were already fragile. Farmers and the food value chain urgently need new paths to crop yield enhancement that are consistent, resilient, and that fit into existing cropping systems. 

  Upstream Biotechnology is dedicated to the discovery and development of the next generation of seed traits to help growers meet the demands of this new agricultural landscape.


Upstream Biotechnology’s founders are deeply committed to translating fundamental knowledge about how plants respond to their environment into high-performing crop varieties benefiting growers and the food value chain.  

George Greene


Xinnian Dong


Strategic Advisors

Adam Fisher


John Salmeron